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Whether it's the bridal party, in-laws, friends or everyone and anyone, pre-wedding yoga offers amazing benefits while connecting with one another on a deeper level. Group yoga offers an environment of calm where guests can slow down and relax. Weddings can be stressful with all the preparations, last minute tasks and the many different personalities. Create a space and time for you and the guests where you can just breathe and focus on the present moment. Here you will find All is Well.

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Whether a family reunion, school reunion, or friends reunion, it can be an amazing experience for some, while for others it can present psychological, financial and logistical concerns. Incorporating a group yoga and meditation session can relax and calm the individual energy as well as the group energy. Bring serenity and peace to the group by a yoga session.


Call or text Carmen at 805.296.1287

Small Groups

Guided Meditations
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