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The Truest Exchange Is Through The Heart

I operate solely on donations. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

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Venmo: @Carmen-Rose-18

Cash: In-person visits or email for postal address.
(Do not use studio address)

Recently I asked myself how I can contribute to a better world. What part can I play in creating a heart-based world. To create this kind of environment whether it’s within yourself, your home, or your community, the exchange must come from the heart, with no conditions attached to the exchange. This is a type of energy philanthropy—heart-based energy exchange.  


Many of us are already living this way, in part. When we gift our loved ones simply to share in their excitement. Or while at a restaurant, tip a bit more than usual because our hearts connected during the experience.  It could be helping someone cross the street, or opening the door. Paying the coffee bill for the person behind you (paying it forward). These are all heart-based exchanges.


So, when asked what I could do to contribute to a better world, my answer came— shift my business to donation based. This is a lesson for me as well as others. My promise to you is to practice offering my services to the community in the spirit of generosity and loving exchange whether it be your presence, your donation, or both.


If you are in a position to donate, it doesn’t matter the amount, your offering and presence are greatly appreciated. If you are not in a position to donate, the offering of your presence is greatly appreciated.


From my heart to yours.


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