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Carmen is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of yoga with a lifelong passion for mindfulness. With decades of experience on and off the mat, she has cultivated a deep understanding of the of the body-mind connection and the transformative power of yoga and meditation. Her journey began years ago, drawn to the practice as a means of self-discovery and inner exploration.

Carmen’s approach to teaching is rooted in mindfulness, guiding her students to explore the present moment with awareness and intention. Through breath-centered movement, meditation, and introspection, she creates a safe and nurturing space for students to connect with themselves on a deeper level and cultivate inner harmony.

Practice is on calming the nervous system and settling the mind, thereby cultivating an inner stillness and awareness to take into our daily lives.  The focus here, is not so much about intellectually trying to comprehend the esoteric teachings of the Buddha, the Vedas, and other masters, although our practice, in some, is based on this knowledge.  The focus here is on the doing.  It’s experiential.  We simply ask that you come and experience the breath, sitting and guided meditations, mindful yoga movements and other offerings and see how you feel.

My property or yours. Group or individual.
Call or email for information.

YOGA CLASSES (Outdoor overlooking the vineyards or indoors)

My property or yours. Group or individual. Call or email for information.


If you're interested in private yoga, meditation, or spiritual guidance coaching please email or call so we can discuss your individual situation.



There is plenty of free parking on the property.


I am located 6 miles east of 101 off of Hwy 46 overlooking the vineyards. A perfect spot for outdoor yoga.

NOTE: Offerings are by appointment only.

Call or text for more information 805-296-1287

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