Here at Yoga Inward we practice mindfulness and meditation because these practices offer amazing benefits to our overall health. A quick internet search can produce numerous pages of scientific-based evidence on this subject. Mindfulness can be used as an everyday tool to keep us in the moment. When we can focus on this moment, we can find peace and serenity (this is the practice). Often times we are either ruminating about the past or anticipating or worrying about the future. The past can bring about guilt and depression, while the future can bring about fear and anxiety. Anyone, regardless of what you’ve convinced yourself of, can learn the tools to be mindful. It is not hard; it simply takes practice. Like anything else worthwhile, it takes practice.


Yoga is a wonderful experience involving breath, movement, and meditation while honoring your physical form—your temple. Sessions are designed with gentle asana flows for any skill level. Class begins by taking a few minutes to settle the body, the mind and to set an intention for the practice. With mindfulness, this intention can stay throughout the day. Class flows through various asanas with several child's poses in between to focus on breath and presence. The last few minutes of class is guided relaxation. These yoga sessions are wonderful for calming the nervous system, settling the mind, and being present.



Through introspection and being able to hear yourself speaking your own thoughts and beliefs is invaluable. Many times, when we attempt to verbally communicate our thoughts and feelings, we are cut off by even the most well-intentioned friends and family members. The conversation gets hijacked and it becomes about the other. I create and hold space, while coaching my clients to get in touch with their true innate power by allowing and guiding benevolent investigation of their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. We have a lot more power and control over our lives than we’ve been led to believe. Learn more > Spiritual Development and Mindfulness.

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