We must first tackle our judgements before we can truly enter into a state of compassion.
I Can't Do That
This is a phrase I often hear when folks speak of yoga, meditation, and other challenging endeavors. Actually, you can.
Whether it's learning mindfulness, healthy eating or detaching from unwanted habits, ditch the affirmation "I Can't." Open yourself up to the possibility that indeed you can. And be mindful of how you categorize the efforts that you put forth. It doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" endeavor. Simply do what you can and save the rest for another day.
When every prayer has been prayed, every meditation has been meditated, every negotiation has been negotiated, and every plea has been plead. And when you have the courage to enter a space where there will be no open arms--that's intervention.
To bring peace to the world, we must first cultivate peace within. When we learn to accept ourselves wholeheartedly, we can then direct this acceptance outward.
Couples are in a unique position to experience each other's public and private personas. Be mindful with arising judgements and comparisons of others. It's likely you've only experienced the public persona.


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