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Manifesting Requires an Action

A couple of weeks ago, we sold our RV and the new owners would soon be by to drive it away. There was one problem though. A pile of DG was blocking the pathway of the RV. For months I had been asking my husband to move the DG mound which was mistakenly dropped there by the driver of the delivery truck. However, the DG sat, and sat, and sat. Now, we had no choice but to get it moved.

Again, I asked my husband, in addition to pleading with our housemate, to move the pile. Nothing was happening. Time was running out. I began to manifest the pile of DG three feet off the path. I visualized the new owners driving off of the property with the RV. I felt the relief of the pile moved and seeing an empty space previously occupied by the RV.

Still nothing. The DG sat there unmoved.

I had two days left to get the pile moved. I decided to move it myself. I gathered the wheel barrel, a shovel, and some gloves to protect my hands and shovel by shovel I started to load the DG into the wheel barrel. I was maybe twenty shovels into my project when something miraculous happened!

My neighbor sees me shoveling the DG and says, “hey let me move that for you with my tractor.” Beautiful.

When we move into action, the universe gives us exactly what we need. Manifesting is co-creating with the universe. It takes an action on our part. We cannot simply sit by the poolside, eating Bon Bons and say we’re manifesting. Yes, it’s a given that we need time to think about what we want to manifest, and this may very well be while eating Bon Bons by the pool, but at some point, we need to get up off the chair and take an action toward our goal. This is where the magic happens--in the action. Where synchronicities continue one after the other and just like magic, you’ve manifested from one simple action.

It was a lovely site seeing the new owners drive away with the RV via a nice clear path.

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