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This page is specifically set up for the folks following Tina Swithin's Facebook group One Mom's Battle.

Classes dedicated to the Facebook group One Mom's Battle. These weekly classes are designed to develop the skills and practices to bring mindful awareness to your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings, and your body sensations. With mindful awareness, you become more empowered because you are no longer at the mercy of your emotions. Your horizons expand because we begin to live more proactively versus reactively.  In these meditations, we learn to cultivate an inner-balance and become more rounded and comfortable with the realities of our life situations.

Example topics: Healthy Boundaries, Break Free, Releasing Judgement, Opening to Grace, Fear to Courage, Gratitude, Anxiety, Joy, I Am Enough, New Beginnings, Everyday Mindfulness, Connect with Feelings, Loving Kindness, Inspire Creativity, Serenity, etc.

Class structure is a 5-10 minute introduction to the week’s topic, followed by a guided meditation, and wrapping up with a few tips on how to mindfully apply the concepts into daily life.

To register for class, click the link below. Sessions are hosted via Zoom.  Download Zoom


Registration closes 30 minutes before start time. The Zoom Meeting ID will be emailed to all those who registered. 

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Cost $6

Questions or concerns, contact Carmen Rose carmenrose@hush.com or call 805.296.1287


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