There are many different paths up the mountain and many different meditation techniques. Here at Yoga Inward Meditation Center, through meditation, mindfulness, and guided imagery, we embark on a process of self-discovery and healing.

Meditation is a large umbrella term that encompasses the practice of reaching ultimate consciousness and concentration, to acknowledge the mind and, in a way, self-regulate it. It can involve a lot of techniques or practices to reach this heightened level of consciousness — including compassion, love, patience, and of course, mindfulness. This practice points to the true cause of the unhappiness and dissatisfaction we all experience. Meditation teaches that the true key to happiness is not external--it's within us.

Mindfulness is the act of focusing on being in the present. Present moment awareness is a way of constantly bringing attention to our internal experiences while observing our sensations, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  The more we practice mindfulness and stay present, the stronger we become within and less at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions. With practice, we learn to identify arising feelings before we are mindlessly swept away, and taken down the rabbit hole of our stories.


Meditation is a journey of self-discovery. With dedication and practice you will begin to experience inner peace, clarity, gratitude, compassion, and enjoy a newfound sense of overall well-being.

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